Address v Impact: What’s the Difference?


Many players set up as they expect to be positioned at impact.  They shouldn’t because address position and impact position are very different.

Just because address is a static position, that doesn’t make achieving a solid address position easy.  In fact it is the thing that we coaches spend the most time developing.

Holding the club properly and your golf posture are far from natural to most golfers, so do need to be developed with your coach.

Continually refining your address position is definitely worth the work as it gives you the platform to make your best swing possible.

Understanding how you should be positioned at impact will help prepare you for it.  Although bear in mind impact is a dynamic position which you move through.

Knowing the differences between address and impact will help you with your mental shot preparation.  Practicing the differences will improve your feel for those differences as well as improving your shots.

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