Are you a Creature of Habit?

Waking upWhen I hear the phrase “we are creatures of habit” I think of how unbalanced I can feel if I don’t stick to (or closely to) my morning routine.

For some people the morning routine needs to involve exercise, whether that’s running, walking, swimming, yoga or Pilates.  It could even be something more sedate like having a cup of tea in bed while you’re reading the newspaper.

Having a routine of some kind also mentally prepares you for the day ahead.  This could be writing a To Do list or preparing your mind to take on the world.  It could also be a combination of physical and mental activities.

Even if you don’t think you have a morning routine perhaps you have the same breakfast food each weekday before going to work or school.  This is actually part of a morning routine.

In the book Iron Golf Mind, James describes his morning routine.  He knows he performs better when he sticks to it.

How about you, do you have a morning routine?  If you do, could it be adjusted slightly to make you even more productive?  If you don’t, then consider introducing one and noticed the positive effects of having a routine even after a week or so.


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