Better Golf: Clubhead Control


In many ways golf appears to be a game of opposites.  One of the things which makes golf appear this way is club head path and its relationship to ball flight.  Understanding this influence will take you a long way down the path to hitting straighter shots.

In the first video of the Better Golf series you learned that the club face is largely responsible for the initial direction of your shots.  Club head path is responsible for any curvature on your shots.

If your swing path at impact is square with the club face, the ball will take off in whatever direction the club face is aimed.  Ideally it will be square, so your shot is on target … maybe your next shot is a short birdie putt.

If your swing path is left of the target, your ball will curve from left to right.  Its start line will still be largely determined by club face.  This path is said to be outside-in to the target.  You might notice the divot marks left by your club are pointing to the left of the target.

In the video below I talk about the influence of path, what the path should be and how you can gain some control over your club head path.


If you missed the video on club face control, you can view it here


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