Build a golf swing habit

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Finger reminderThere is a persistent myth that it takes 21 days (some writing says 30 days) to form a habit.  In a study at the University College in London, 82 participants were asked to make a modification to their eating, drinking or some simple behaviour.  They then carried out the new activity each day for 12 weeks.

Most of the activities were quite simple, yet it took on average about 66 days for the actions to become habit.  All of the activities were far less complex than a golf swing so it is probably very safe to assume that automating the pattern of a golf swing will take substantially longer.

The golf swing is a complex motor skill which requires coaching in order to develop it to a high level of proficiency.  While there are exceptions to this, they are rare.

There is good news however.  Every technical step in the right direction will lead to improvement.  It may take longer to automate that movement, which means you’ll still need to have some specific swing thoughts for a while, but who doesn’t?  Just make sure those thoughts are limited to a maximum of two set-up thoughts and two swing thoughts.

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