Chipping Ladder drill


Do you find it easier to control the direction of your chip shots than control the distance?  I thought so, because it’s true of virtually all players … including me.

Improving your distance control is one of the most productive things you can do to reduce the number of shots you take around the greens and lower your scores.

The drill in this week’s video is challenging, but there is an instant transfer to your shots on the course.

The drill is to have your chip shots land (or finish) at different distances on every shot you play.  This Ladder Drill is one I use all the time, and not just for chip shots.  It is also really beneficial for putting as well.

The nice thing about this drill is that you can modify it to make it more challenging – or less challenging – depending on your skill level with chipping.  To make it more challenging, reduce the gap between the clubs on the ground (the ladder rungs).  To make it easier, increase the distance between the gaps.

As well as using your favourite club to chip, also use others as well, even if you don’t normally use them on the course. This will expand your range of feels with all your clubs, including your favourite!

Practice this for a few sessions and I guarantee your first putts will be shorter than ever.



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