Compass Putting Drill

How do you know whether or not your putting is improving?  For most players this is counting up the putts they had over the entire round.  If it is less than the last time they played, their putting is improving.

The total number of putts per round is one measure, but whether it is a good number can be dependent on the number of greens you hit in regulation.  If you hit four greens in regulation and have 32 putts, have you putted well?  Likewise if you hit 14 greens in regulation and have 32 putts, was that a good putting round?

It is better to look at the number of putts you hole from different distances. For example, what percentage of putts do you hole from 3 feet, 6 feet or 12 feet?

Knowing how you perform from different distances gives you a better understanding of your putting strengths and weaknesses.

The Compass Drill in the video tests your putting ability on short putts – 3, 4 and 5 feet. If you complete this drill on a regular basis and also keep your putting statistics on the course from the same distances, you can see whether there is a difference in your putting in practice compared to the course.

Recording your results with this drill over time will show whether your practice efforts are reflected on the course. If you are improving your score in the drill, are you also improving your putting in the 3-5 foot range on the course?

As your putting improves with the drill and you see that reflecting in your on-course performances it will increase your confidence and probably have you asking yourself “what if I apply this type of practice to other shots?”

It’s a good question to ask yourself.

By the way the average number of putts holed from 8 feet by Tour players is 50%. It’s a surprising statistic, but one you can take heart from if your average is 40% and you have been disappointed with that.

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