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Pool noodle drillWhat if you started your year finally getting rid of your slice?  While it might sound too good to be true, it is possible.  The drill in this post will cure your slice instantly.

There are countless articles (including some of mine) that explain the causes of slicing.  Ultimately there is only one thing causing your ball to curve off into the trees (or worse): your swing path is out-to-in.  For the right handed golfer this means through impact your swing path is moving to the left of the target.

Many players mistakenly think that it is clubface aim at impact causing a slice.  Clubface is responsible mainly for the initial direction the ball flies.  Swing path influences its straightness or curve after that.  These are primary influences and all ball flight is a combination of these and other factors.

If you want your shots to fly straighter – or even draw (curve to the left) – then you need to feel as though your swing is moving in the direction your ball is currently going … a pretty scary proposition!

In the video below I explain how I use a Pool Noodle to direct swing path.  The Pool Noodle is one of my favourite teaching aides because it requires very little instruction to the student.  All the student has to do is swing the club without hitting the Pool Noodle.

To set up the drill, position the Pool Noodle just outside your ball-to-target line.  Angle it so it appears to run just under your shoulder.  It should be just under a club-length distance from your back foot.  From there, swing the club back and through so it moves just under the Pool Noodle.

If you slice the ball, your normal swing will hit the Pool Noodle in the downswing.  If you miss it in the downswing, you will hit the ball straighter.

You may still need to improve your grip, stance, posture, aim or ball position, but just swinging the club so it misses the Pool Noodle will mean you make all the necessary adjustments to improve your swing path.

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