Dale Lynch: is coaching an art or science?


I recentlyDale Lynch interviewed world-renowned coach Dale Lynch and talked about how his involvement in coaching began and what led to him being the coach to dual Australian Open winner Aaron Baddeley and US Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy.

His thoughts when we discussed the art and science of golf coaching are interesting listening.  Also find out how he combines roles of father, coach and caddy to his son Ryan who is also a professional golfer.

Listen to the interview here

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  1. christine says:

    what does a parent say to many people who say there are millions of golfers out there, and are discouraging rather than encouraging? my son is at College and has won and played on the Qld State Team as well as many other great events. The dreams are shattered by many a person who is negative about them following their passion where they expect them to win every time. My son has stated he is on a very long path and knows he will get there in the end so is a mature 18 year old, but what does a parent say to outsiders that are negative? we are after all a part of his Team and support him and respect his wishes, he is at College in the US. He does not question his ability but sees it as a path. The mention of it being destructive to creative shots in the US is interesting and I hope this is not going to affect him. I enjoy the pod casts…thank you!

  2. Peter Knight says:

    Hi Christine, what you are asking is unfortunately something that so many parents come across. Usually the issue of criticism is more about the person making the statement than anything else. Successful people in life and sport are the most encouraging. Once a player turns professional it takes 5-7 years before they are really used to competing at a high professional level. There are only a few exceptions to this. Your son is in college so really does have a long way to go. Best advice, thank the person for their opinion and then ignore it if it doesn’t support your shared vision. Best luck to your son.

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