Four Step Set-Up Routine

There is no better feeling and setting up to a shot completely confident that you’re standing correctly to the ball and lined up to your target.

The opposite is also true.  Doubts about the distance you’re standing from the ball or whether your clubface and body are lined up to your target, is often the beginning of what becomes poor result.

All great players follow a learned series of steps to ensure that they are set correctly to the ball before they begin to swing.  They have a shot routine which is as much mental as it is physical.

The video in this article shows the observable elements of a shot routine.  Watch for these steps – or something similar – next time you see professionals either live or on television.

The four steps in the routine in this video are

  1. Select an intermediate target – about two metres in front of you – between your ball and the target.
  2. Take your grip, so your hands are set correctly to the clubface.
  3. Aim your clubface to your intermediate target.  Do this with correct upper body posture.
  4. Finally, set your feet into position.

The order of the steps in this routine avoids the doubt-building shuffling of your hands or feet in an attempt to get comfortable.

Creating your own routine and practicing the steps might be distracting to you for a very short time until it becomes habit.  Once you have practiced it enough you will see many benefits.

  • When you perform the routine smoothly it positively affects your swing.
  • It is faster to follow a set routine than to have endless shuffling trying to make yourself comfortable.
  • You are more focussed on the process of playing the shot, rather than on the outcome.

Establish your routine and make sure you practice it each time you are at the range.  You don’t need to use it for every shot on the range, but just enough to ensure you will work smoothly through each step when you are on the course.

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