Hand Path for your Golf Swing


Your hand path has a big influence on the path your club takes during the golf swing, even though the paths of the two are different.  Of course your body movement is linked to all this, however this video is just to show you how your hands should move and some checkpoints along the way to ensure your hand path is correct.

The faster you are able to have your hands move on a smooth path to the top of the swing, the easier it will be for you to control your swing path.  Take a video of yourself from the ‘down the line’ position I am in with this video and check your hand path.

Having your hands on the correct path is going to improve every shot from pitching to driving.


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  1. udayan mane says:

    i can relate to this as i am working on the same thing. For the longest time, i thought i was coming very shallow into the ball. However, i was not able to hit draws. The shots that i hit were push cuts or pull draws. There was no control at all. I, later on, understood that the hand and club planes are different. In my case, to rectify the shallowing of the club, i started to adopt an over the top movement at the top of the swing. It only made my club swing more form the inside. Hence, i figured that the more my hands swung from the outside, the further inside my club would tend to go. As a result, my hands and club at impact were exiting left too soon and too steep. My smash factor suffered and so did my distance. My hands were behind the ball at impact and that led to a very high and spinny ball flight.

    I concluded that I need to bring my hands closer to the body on the downswing so that the club can stay in front of my body on the downswing. With this feeling, i am able to produce more shaft lean and get more compression into the ball.

    Am I on the right track?
    Please Advise.

  2. Peter Knight says:

    Udayan, it sounds from what you wrote that you created a swing that would mainly generate a left-to-right ball flight. Don’t worry too much about shallowing the club. If your hands follow the correct path in the downswing your club is likely to follow on a good path. Use an alignment rod or piece of tape on a window or mirror to show your hand path guideline as I’ve mentioned in the video.

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