Hole more Putts inside 2 metres


What percentage of putts do you expect to hole inside 2 metres?  If you are like most club golfers, you probably expect to hole almost all of them.  Tour average from 8 feet is 50%.  That is the statistic from the best players in the world.

Realistically then, the average player probably needs to reassess their expectations.  A good starting point is to determine exactly what your average is from inside this distance.

The video below shows a drill from 1-2 metres.  This is a 12-putt drill which, if done regularly will not only let you know how you are going, but will also improve your putting.

Why should it improve your putting?  Because if you are like the vast majority of players, you don’t monitor your practice progress.

If you record your scores in this drill, it will inspire you to improve them.  That means you will practice this drill more regularly and search for ways to get better.  This will definitely translate to improvement on the course … and lower scores.



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