How Far Do You Hit the Ball?

Think about the last three rounds you played.  How many of your approach shots finished past the pin?  That means your tee shot on a par three, second shot on a par four, or third shot on a par five.

If you recall accurately, you probably found that you left most of your shots short of the pin, many of them short of the green.  With the prevalence of rangefinders, most players who leave their shots short of the pin (or green) knew exactly how far they needed to hit their shot.

Maybe you miss-hit some of those shots, but mostly the short shots result from overestimating how far you hit the ball.

Here’s a novel idea; how about using your Rangefinder to figure out how far you hit the ball, rather than using it to figure out the distance you have to the pin and then guessing which club you need.

The video below shows you how to do that.  First determine the distance you have to the pin.  Let’s say it is 165 metres.  You decide you need a 5 iron to hit that far.  Play your shot and find the spot where the ball first struck the ground.  If the ball lands on the green, it’s easy to find its landing spot because it will leave a pitch mark.

If the pitch mark left by your shot is 15 metres short of the pin, then your carry distance for that shot was 150 metres.  Write down the club you used and the distance it carried in a notebook.  You can also write down the wind direction and strength as well.

Once you have done this for a few rounds, you will have a pretty good idea how far you hit each of your clubs.

When you have this information, it will definitely take shots off your score because you’ll hit the ball far closer to the pin on average than you previously did.

Give it a try beginning next time you play.  You might be surprised by the result.  If it turns out you are already accurate at knowing the distance you hit each club, then this exercise will reinforce that knowledge and you’ll gain confidence in that knowledge.


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