How to Turn your Upper Body

Most of the thought given to upper body turn relates to the amount it is turned.  The impression being that more is better.  That’s not necessarily true.

While ideally you’ll have a good amount of upper body rotation in your backswing – for a full swing – it is important for your swing that your turn is centred.  A centred turn will make your swing better balanced, more efficient and more powerful.

The centre point for your upper body turn is a point between your shoulder blades.  If you keep this point relatively steady, you’ll have a lot more control of your arms and club.

The video below explains more and shows how your body turns.  A great drill to practice to help develop both upper and lower body movement is the Shadow Drill.

Practice this movement slowly while you are watching your upper body moving.  Notice whether it feels different to your normal upper body turn.  If so, notice those differences and make them the feel cues you use when you are hitting a shot (and not watching your reflection or shadow).

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