Impact Drill #3: Clubface Control


This is the third lesson in the Essential Impact series.  The first two videos showed you how to ensure solid impact and have the club moving on the correct path.  This video shows you how to control the clubface.

Shots which start off line are often struck near the heel or toe of the club, but mostly the clubface is either aiming to the left or right of the target at impact.

Keeping the clubface square sounds like it means having the clubface pointing to the target at all times during the swing.  This is definitely not the case … with any shot!  In fact the club is only pointing to the target for a fraction of a second during the swing.

Refer back to the two previous videos on solid impact and club path and add the lessons from those videos to this one.  Very quickly you’ll find that you are able to see which of these three elements is missing when you hit a shot you don’t like.

The nice thing is that there will be far fewer of those shots that you don’t like.

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