Karl Morris: 3 Phases of Golf

Karl MorrisImagine you are leading a major professional tournament and as you walk to the tee your thoughts are about ‘topping’ the ball?  That’s what happened to Graeme McDowell.  Find out from Karl Morris what happened next.

Karl is mental skills coach to US Open and British Open winners, among others.  He talks about the traits that he has seen in some of the greatest players in the game, some of whom he has worked with on a regular basis for many years.

He has great advice to club golfers on the reason why their practice is less effective than it could be.  Hint: it’s all about putting your brain in the appropriate context.

In the podcast Karl talks about a book he has written.  That book is called Attention!! The Secret to you playing Great Golf.

Karl’s website: The Mind Factor

Listen to the podcast with Karl here


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