Left Hand for Clubhead Control


Holding the club correctly in the left hand will allow you to control the club head. If your left hand is correctly positioned it will make it easy for you to hinge your wrist correctly. It will also make it easier to place your right hand on the club correctly.  The exact position of your left hand can vary a little, however there are some principles you need to follow.

If you find this video helps your grip, then watch the video of the right hand


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  1. Pedrito says:

    I note the question is right/left arm .For a right-hander its got to be right arm .why??The left arm don’t relaly bend as much as the right arm throughout the swing.At the impact area1) Your left elbow is already straight so there’s little power you can add to it2) Your right elbow is still bent and must be straighten to hit the ball. .

  2. Peter Knight says:

    Pedrito, the right arm certainly adds power. The video was not about the left arm adding power, but about the way the left arm and wrist work in the swing.

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