Left Wrist Action … It’s not that Hard!


The illusion that your hands have to hinge, unhinge, release and roll makes it seem like hand action is really complex.  There is a little more to the movement of your right hand (for a right handed golfer), but the left doesn’t need to do too much at all.

At address there is already an angle formed between your left arm and the shaft, just by the way the club sits on the ground.  This is if you were looking from the target back to the player.  Let’s say that angle is 140 degrees.

At the top of your backswing, if your wrists hinge so that the angle formed between your left arm and the shaft is 90 degrees, then your wrists have only hinged 50 degrees.  That is a lot less than most players try for.

Also at address, if you watch a good player from front-on you might notice there is a very small bend between their left forearm and hand.  This should stay much the same through the backswing and down to impact.  That means there isn’t much change at all.

As with most things golf, the video explains better than my attempt with words.  Compare how much you use your left wrist and notice the benefits of simplifying the movement if you need to.

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