How to make rhythmic putting strokes


When you watch exceptional dancers or athletes, you are able to appreciate the elegance of rhythmic movement.  You might not know what it is that makes it looks so beautiful, but you recognise it anyway.

Rhythm, as it applies to putting strokes is the amount of time it takes in the backstroke compared to the downstroke.  A good stroke will take twice as long from address to the end of the backstroke as it does from the start of the downstroke to impact.  Imagine it as a count of 1, 2 – 1.

Have you ever been told to slow down your putting stroke?  If you have, you are like the majority of golfers who have been given this advice.  Granted, it’s friendly advice designed to be helpful, but is often very destructive.  The reason you have been offered this advice is because your downstroke is too fast.

Slowing your backstroke might not even affect your downstroke and you rhythm could easily be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – 1.  That would be disastrous!

Practice the 1, 2 – 1 count and then make some putting strokes while counting out loud.  Have your stroke fit your count, rather than making the count fit your stroke.  Counting out loud makes it easier to see how the count and your stroke fit together.

Once you get this right, your distance control will improve significantly.

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