Never lose your swing axis


Have you ever swung a small weight tied to a string around your fingers?  It spins easily until you look to change the spin angle.  It resists the change.

Your golf swing is the same; the easiest way to swing on the correct path is to have a steady body movement.

Really simplistically the golf swing moves on the correct path most easily when it moves around a steady axis. That axis is your body, specifically your upper body.

One big error you could be making is changing this swing axis.  You recognise that when you see footage of your swing showing your hips moving toward the ball during the backswing, downswing or both.

When your hips move toward the ball, your upper body becomes more upright.  When your upper body straightens like that, it changes both the axis of your body movement and the distance your shoulders and arms are from the ball.

To overcome the shoulder and arm change, your upper body usually becomes very rounded.

The drill in the video this week is to help you learn what it feels like to retain your upper body forward lean during the swing.

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