A New Way to Consider Hip Turn

The correct movement of your hips is critical for helping you retain your posture during the swing, generate power and stay balanced.  Clearly quality hip movement is essential for a sound golf swing.

To illustrate how your hips work as a base for your upper body, imagine a paper spike with your hips representing its base.  If you tilt the base the spike will move, the more you tilt the base, the more the spike moves.  When the base is steady and only rotates then the movement becomes more centred.

When you address the ball, your upper body is tilted forward and your hips are also tilted forward.  You can check this tilt by looking at your belt line in a mirror.

When you turn to the top of your backswing, your hips should have turned, but the tilt shouldn’t have changed.  You can check this by again looking at your belt line.  It should still be tilted at the same angle it was at address, even though your hips have turned.

Until a point just before impact, your hips should still be tilted forward the same as they were at address and at the top of the backswing.  As you swing through impact your hip movement will flatten out.

Watch the video below for more of an explanation.

Practice your hip movement in combination with making sure you have good posture and you’ll find you will make much better contact than if your body moves a lot.



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