Your Path to Great Putting

Putts make up about 40 percent of your total score.  Finding ways to reduce that number can have a significant impact on your score.  Aside from stroke technique, you need to have good stroke dynamics and be able to read greens well.

It’s still funny being asked if I coach putting, because there seems to be a relationship between a player’s scoring ability and their desire to have coaching on their putting: the better the player, the more likely they are to ask about coaching on their putting.

Once you have read the line for a putt, hitting it in or near to the hole requires directional control; you need to have the path and putter face moving correctly.  The video below shows you how to monitor your putter path.
The key points are that the path is slightly arced and uniform.  That way you have the best chance of having the putter head moving on your intended starting line at impact.
If you are struggling to have the putter swing on the correct path, then first check your body alignment and set up.  When you swing the putter, it should be mainly an upper body movement.  If you are using your arms or hands, then it is more difficult to keep the putter on a consistent path.
While the path of the putter head contributes less to overall accuracy than the putter face being square, it is still too important to neglect.
Practice the drill in the video on a regular basis (at least twice a week) as part of a ‘service’ check of your putting stroke.  If you do the drill and discover your stroke path is correct, then that will help build your confidence with putting.
Path to Great Putting
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