Perfect Pitch Control


Pitch shots seem so simple; you don’t need power to hit the ball to the pin and the target is reasonably close.  As you know from hitting lots of pitch shots on the course, the most challenging part of good pitching is controlling the distance you hit the ball.

Distance control is a combination of good pitching technique and feel.  The best way to refine your feel is to practice hitting shots to targets where you know the distance.  For example if you set a target 30 metres away and hit shots to that target, you quickly get a feel for the swing required to hit the ball 30 metres.

The benefits of developing this feel are fairly obvious.  If you have a 30 metre pitch shot on the course, you can recall the feeling of hitting a pitch shot that far in practice.  Trust the feeling you recall and your next shot should be a very short putt.

As you build your range of feels to include lots of different distances you will become more confident on the course of hitting those shots close to the hole.

The drill in this video post shows how to use a Bushnell range finder to set up a pitching drill that will develop the feel for perfect distance control.

Perfect pitch control


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