Pia Nilsson: World’s Leading Female Golf Coach

Pia Nilsson picWhen Swedish golf was in its golden era, the coach at the helm was Pia Nilsson.  Since then she has been at the forefront of golf coaching.  Pia is recognised as the world’s leading female golf coach and has a knack of finding out what is required for players of all levels to improve their mental and emotional game, their practice, and of course their performances.

Like many coaches, her coaching career began by looking for answers to questions she had about her own game.  It led to a coaching relationship with her most famous student, Annika Sorenstam.

Pia’s writing and work with players of all levels is especially focussed on the mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the game.  Her Vision 54 coaching philosophy and business is helping thousands across the golfing world.

Pia’s website is www.vision54.com

Listen here to the interview with Pia

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