Pitch shot set-up

The way you set up has a huge influence on the likely outcome of every full shot you play.  The same is true for your pitching.

The easiest way to develop a good pitching technique is to begin with the correct set-up.  There are a number of things about your pitch shot set-up which are different to your full swing.  This is because a pitch shot is a precision shot, that requires both accuracy and fine distance control.

The video below outlines the correct way to set up for your pitch shots.  If you find this is quite different to the way you normally set up, then it shows the opportunity you have in improving your pitching by improving your set up.

I encourage you to watch the world’s best male and female golfers and look for common patterns in the way they set up to pitching and you’ll find most are very similar.  That should be reason enough to follow the guidelines in this video.

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