Putting Rhythm & Distance Control


Distance control with your putting is very closely tied to your stroke rhythm.  Players who have great distance control also have excellent stroke rhythm and those who don’t, generally have neither good distance control or good stroke rhythm.

As mentioned in a previous post, speed control with your putting applies to putts from the shortest putt to the longest.

The drill in this post combines the development of your putting rhythm with hitting putts from different distances.  One aspect of this drill is that you only hit one putt from each distance before moving to a different putt.

Each time you hit a putt to a new target, you need to recalibrate your feel for the distance.  This challenges you more than hitting multiple putts from the same spot, but it has a greater transfer to better putting on the course.

Practice this putting both as a stand-alone drill each time you go to the practice green and also as part of your warm-up before a round.  This drill is especially beneficial when you are playing somewhere other than your home course as the green speed might be different to what you are used to.

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