Putting Set-up: Face-on


Very few golfers claim to be good putters.  Or maybe it’s just that their voices are drowned out by those bemoaning the number of 3-putts they have.  One of the frustrations of players who don’t putt well is that many have heard the idea that you are either born with a putting gene, or you are doomed to putting woes.

This of course is absolutely not true!  The putting stroke is a fine motor skill and requires working with small margins of error in green reading, stroke control and stroke dynamics.

So much of the stroke control and stroke dynamics begins with a good set up.  In this week’s article I’ve put in a video related to set-up for putting.  These are the checkpoints you can observe from a face-on view.  A second video from a down-the-line view will be in next week’s post.

Have a friend take some video footage, or even a couple of photos of you in your address position for putting and check your set-up against the principles I talk about in the videos.

Putting Setup face-on







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