Putting Set-up: Side-on


I’ve heard from plenty of commentators on putting that it is an individual art.  That may be true for some elements of set-up and routine.  However there are more things in common for a ball find the bottom of the cup when you are putting.

The ball will start on a line square with the face of the putter, so if you want the putt to finish at the bottom of the cup, you had better make sure your putter face is aimed correctly at impact.

The distance the ball travels is dependent on the speed of the putter head at impact.  This relates to the dynamics of your stroke; tempo, timing, acceleration and rhythm.

In last week’s post on putting set-up from face-on I spoke about body position and ball position.

This week’s video shows you checkpoints you can monitor from a side-on view, either with a mirror or camera.

My coaching preference with putting set-up relates to your body and club being square to your target.  Aside from making sense to do so, it is easier to reference than some parts of your body being open or closed.

Practice these set-up points and use these videos to check yourself on a regular basis.

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  1. Kevin Mann says:

    Like your videos and instruction and being using your routine to help me. Chipping is a lot better and working on the swing through walk to help fair way stokes. My big problem is trying to get the putter swing/rock to work, still wag stick all over the place pulling/pushing. This why I went to a broomstick years ago to help me stop this, now back to short stick my problem seems to be locking my arms still to avoid pushing/pulling. Do i work on this drill above in the putting setup to help me with this or can you recommend another drill or way to help me.
    Thank you


  2. Peter Knight says:

    Hi Kevin, there is a difference between your arms being still and being locked. Imagine you are really loose in your shoulder joints. Even being like this, you can still move your arms and upper body together. This is the type of feeling you are looking for with your putting. I’m planning a series of videos on putting, so will provide more information about getting your arms and putter working together in one of those videos.

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