Read Putts with your Feet

When you play on courses with lots of hills and undulations, your visual perception on the greens can be distorted.  Have you ever thought a putt broke uphill?  That’s what I mean.

Of course you know logically, a ball can’t turn and roll uphill, but sometimes it really looks like it does.

One way to avoid falling to this illusion is to feel the level of the green through your feet.  If you close your eyes and notice the pressure and balance through your feet, you will easily notice whether or not you are standing on a slope.  You will also be able to tell the angle of the slope and how steep the slope is.

A great drill to develop your ability to feel the difference in slopes is to stand in the one place and then turn your feet and body to face a different direction.  For example you might notice you are facing uphill.  If you turn 90 degrees, you’ll notice you are now feeling you are more on the side of the slope.  When you do this you’ll notice how the pressure changes on your feet.  Another way is to move to a different part of the green and notice how the slope changes there.

Once you have determined the direction of a slope, hit some putts to validate the direction of the slope you felt through your feet.

Take this to the course and use it whenever you have any doubt about what you see.  In time, you might even use this as your preference, rather than relying on your eyes.

A bonus is to find out how the slope of a green changes as you walk along the length of your putt.  You can’t stand on the line of your putt, so walk beside the line.

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