A Solution to the Yips


You’ve hit a good drive, then a great second shot leaving you with a short birdie putt.  Rather than being excited at the possibility of making a birdie, you are instead dreading the thought of the putt you will be facing.  Your hope is that you will avoid three-putting more than making one-putt.

My sympathy is with you if this is familiar.  Many golfers struggle with making a putting stroke and their putter face twisting or jumping as they strike the ball.  This movement is known as the ‘yips’ and can seem uncontrollable.

However a solution to the yips could be as simple as determining which hand is responsible for the movement and then making a grip change.  The type of change will depend on the hand which is most at fault.

This video explains how you can find out which hand is most responsible and the type of grip change you can try to improve your putting.

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