Stop Flipping your Wrists


What do you think is the most common swing error?  I’m not talking about shot types, which would include hitting the ground before hitting the ball or catching the middle or top of the ball, but these shots are the result of this error.

The club should swing around your hands and arms during the swing.  As you begin your downswing it will trail your left arm (for right handed golfers) and eventually catch up and pass your left arm.

The club shouldn’t catch up to your left arm until impact, or even just after impact.  That means the shaft is leaning toward the target at impact – the grip is ahead of the clubhead.

The error I see every day is where the club catches up to your left arm before impact!  It is variously called ‘casting’, ‘hitting from the top’, ‘clubhead throwaway’ or ‘flipping’.  Regardless of what it is called, it is disastrous if you want to make solid contact.

The drill in the video here is an excellent one ensure that your hands are ahead of the ball at impact.

A word of caution with this drill (I also mention it in the video) is that you will only be able to make short swings due to the length of the extended club.

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