Build a Strong Upper Body Turn


Put your hand up if you think a powerful golf swing needs a long backswing?  If your hand is up, you are not alone.  The secret to more power in your swing is not making a bigger turn or swinging your arms or club back further, but – among other things – developing torque through the middle of your body.

Torque is created because your upper body turns more than your hips.  This is achievable for any player, although not every player can achieve it in the same way.

A young, flexible player might be able to make quite a big upper body turn with very little hip turn.  A less flexible or older player can’t do that.  They are more likely to turn their hips more and upper  body less.  Regardless of which player you are, you are still creating an elastic energy which will help power your swing.

The drill in the video below shows how you can develop this torque.

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