Throw your Club Properly

Throwing a golf club isn’t something I would ordinarily encourage, but when it’s a drill to help understand how your body, arms and club need to work together, then it’s a different story.

The lowest point of your iron shot swing should be ahead of the ball – after you have struck the ball – by about 6-8 cm.  This ensures you strike the ball with a descending blow.  When your club reaches this low point, your left arm and club shaft should be in line (for a right-handed golfer).

The vast majority of golfers reach the low point of their swing prior to impact, causing the club to hit the ground too early (fat shots), or catch the ball with a slight ascending blow without hitting the ground (thin shots).

Sometimes this is because the player thinks the lowest point of the swing should be before the ball is struck, but mostly it is because there is a poor sequencing between body, arms and club.

The drill in today’s video is one I saw quite a few years ago in a book called Extraordinary Golf by Fred Shoemaker.  I’m sure it attracted my attention because he talked about club throwing.  I’m hoping the headline of this post did the same for you!

As you’ll see it is more like letting go of the club rather than throwing it.  Have a go and watch what happens when you do the drill.  If you have the club finishing left of your target, flying up in the air or staying in your hands, then you probably have too much tension in your fingers or have over-active hands.

A word of caution, stay away from pets and children when you first do this drill.

With warmer weather having arrived, now is a great time to improve your ball striking so you are inspired to spend plenty of time in the spring sunshine on the golf course.


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