What’s in a Name?


Think of the most recent time you went to the driving range. If you were to give yourself a rating out of 10 for how well you practiced, with 10 being extremely productive, planned and led to noticeable improvement, how would you score yourself?

If you marked yourself honestly – and who really marks themselves honestly anyway – then you probably scored yourself less than 5.

While I’m coaching at Yarra Bend there are always people ‘hitting balls’ on the range. The term ‘hitting balls’ is a colloquial term for practice. Hitting balls is literally what they are doing, but usually with little thought other than trying the latest tip or hitting the ball as far as they can.

I propose that you change what you call ‘hitting balls’ or ‘having a practicing session’ to ‘having an improvement or learning session’.

If your objective is to learn and improve then it is much more likely that you will

  • Have specific points to work on
  • Have ways to monitor that you are achieving these points.
  • Use practice swings and other drills to bring about your improvement.
  • Divide your session into technique work, building variety in your shot making and testing yourself.  I’ve spoken more about this in the Rule of Thirds video.

How does the name ‘learning session’ reframe the meaning of the time you spend in training?

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