What’s this about wrist hinge?


Depending when you first started golf, you would have been told either to “swing the club back as wide as possible” or “hinge your wrists early in the backswing”.  I was taught the wide version and while players like Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman were two players whose ‘wide’ golf swings worked really successfully for them, my version wasn’t anywhere near as successful … actually, it wasn’t even close.

Anyway, enough about my golf.  When two pieces of advice conflict like this, which is correct?  Is there a middle ground?

Both of these ideas mean you have to manipulate the movement with deliberate wrist action, or deliberate wrist inaction.  If your wrists correctly act as free hinges then the club will move around your wrists through the changing speed of your arms.

The challenge of keeping your wrists and arms soft while still keeping your fingers firm enough on the grip so they don’t become loose is an early skill to master.  It doesn’t take long, but does mean you have to be aware of tension in your hands and arms.

Practice the drill in the video and you will find the mystery of when and how to hinge your wrists disappears.

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