Were you told to make a Wide Backswing?

At the real risk of dating myself, when I was learning golf, one of the key swing thoughts was to make a backswing as wide as possible.  The justification was that Jack Nicklaus did that and he was the best player in the world.  Now of course, we understand a sample size of one isn’t a reason to generalise something.  What a pity we can’t learn to imitate his mental genius for golf.

Anyway I digress…  Most attempts to make a wide backswing result in strained and non-centred movements, which certainly don’t help create consistent shot results.

You can make a fairly wide swing arc by combining a good body turn with free swinging arms.  The width is more to do with the distance of your hands from your body than the clubhead from your body.

This video shows you a drill which is widely used to help promote a good arm and body sequencing in the backswing.  It is one I use whenever a player is swinging their arms too much across their upper body, either in the backswing or downswing.

Give it a go as it will promote good movement for you, even if you don’t swing your arms too much across your body.

Wide backswing

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