On-line Coaching

online coaching

The quality of information sharing has dramatically improved over the past few years.  This has made on-line coaching a fabulous option when you are unable to meet your coach in person.  You are still able to have your swing professionally analysed, receive that analysis with comments, graphics, practice drill videos to assist you and the opportunity to post questions should you need any clarification.

How it works

The coaching is done via the app ProGolfMe, although Peter will be your coach.

  • Download the ProGolfMe app here.
  • Create your free account.
  • Capture footage of your golf swing (or other shot) from at least two different viewing angles.  See below for ideas on filming.
  • Select Peter as your coach.
  • Upload it to ProGolfMe.
  • Receive your analysis.
  • Go and practice!

Pricing (in AUD$)

  • 1 lesson – $50.00

Tips on Using Your Smartphone for Video

How to use your smartphone’s video camera

  • Identify where the camera is positioned on your smartphone.
    • The lens on the back of the phone usually provides higher quality video.
  • There will be a dedicated key on your phone to begin and end a recording.  If you have the option of recording in high speed, then that is better for analysis purposes.
  • Hold the phone as steady as you can.  Any movement at all will affect the image quality and therefore your ability to make an accurate analysis, particularly if you are using an app with graphics.
    • Rest it on a stable object
    • Use a tripod
    • Hold the camera close to your body.
    • Stand balanced equally on both feet so you are less likely to move.
  • Use the manual focus on your phone.  This usually means tapping on the centre of the smartphone screen.

Camera Position

  • Positioning the camera in the same way each time you take some footage will allow you to more accurately compare videos from one time to the next.  Even slight differences in the height or positioning of the camera produce illusions in how the footage is viewed.
  • Fill the screen with as much of the image as possible.  Do this without using the zoom on the camera to retain as much of the video quality as you can.

Hold the camera in the following positions for two different views

  • Down the line: hold the camera at the player’s hip height (approx 1 metre off the ground).  Have the camera half way between the player’s toe line and the ball.
  • Front-on: hold the camera at the player’s hip height (approx 1 metre off the ground).  Centre the player with the camera held level.

Other tips

  • Film with as much natural light on the subject as you can.
  • Don’t shoot toward a light source or the sun as your subject will appear silhouetted.
  • Watch the screen on your smartphone while filming to ensure you keep the footage centred.


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